Torreya Partners provides objective advice reflecting a strong experience base, a long-term perspective, and sophisticated analytical tools.

We often carry out strategic reviews for our clients — providing detailed analysis and advice of strategic alternatives. This advice can be done on a standalone basis or carried out in a manner that is integral to future acquisitions, divestitures and financings.

We have carried out work in the following areas:

  1. Analysis of partnering versus go-it-alone versus M&A
  2. Project evaluation (which portfolio projects to prioritize)
  3. Decision to retain or pay out cash to shareholders
  4. Value of a primary care focus
  5. What is a drug delivery technology worth?
  6. Monte carlo simulation of the cash flows of a large pharmaceutical company
  7. What factors drive value of emerging biotechnology growth companies
  8. Countries with highest expected demand for a class of pharmaceutical products
  9. Analysis of valuation

Our strategic work combines medical understanding of diseases, biology and classical economic analysis from a shareholder valuation perspective. Life science products (e.g., pharmaceuticals, medical devices) have finite patent lives, predictable economic trajectories, quantifiable risk profiles, fairly well understood probabilities of passing certain regulatory milestones and, as a result, can be valued and modeled in a manner similar to financial assets. This approach provides an important framework to making informed strategic decisions in the life sciences sector.

We are not a traditional management consulting or marketing consulting firm and have not focused on topics such as commercial launch plans, market studies, regulatory strategy, product strategy, sales force optimization, etc.