Torreya has a strong history of working in the
pharmaceuticals field.

We are active in work with large cap pharma companies, specialty pharmaceutical companies and regional players in the pharmaceutical industry on a worldwide basis.

We bring a particular passion to knowing how the many details of a pharmaceutical company combine to create value and affect potential for transactions. In particular, many of our Principals have spent time in the industry side and have an appreciation for commercial execution, strong intellectual property, a well thought out reimbursement and pricing strategy and excellence in CMC.

We view the pharmaceutical sector as highly globalized and, as a result, have structured our practice to be able to span the many players. From Japan to Iowa. From Mexico City to the Ukraine. We have the infrastructure to support cross-border pharmaceutical transactions anywhere on the globe.

With more than 25 transactions completed, we have an extensive track record in the pharmaceutical sector. We have been involved in a number of large multi-billion pharma deals but our practice is equally strong in the middle market. Much of our work involves advising mid-sized and entrepreneurial specialty pharmaceutical companies — often helping these companies to build up. And, sometimes later, we are called on to assist these companies in an exit as investors seek liquidity.

We are optimistic about the future of the pharmaceutical industry and despite recent pricing pressures expect long-term growth. See our recent study of the growth potential of the pharmaceutical industry.

We look forward to working with you to build value for your pharmaceutical company.