As the biotechnology industry matures, the drivers of valuation are going to evolve in the decade ahead. In particular, we believe the premium on quality science is rising ever higher at the same time that expectations for excellence in commercial execution are sky high.

Our firm’s practice in biotechnology has mirrored this evolution. Much of our practice involves working with early-stage science companies on fundraising and licensing. We have not shied away from assisting companies with very high quality preclinical assets or Phase 1 assets in partnering and are proud of our track record with such companies. At the same time, much of our work involves providing strategic and financing services to later stage companies which face both a sophisticated set of strategic counterparties and an increasingly discerning capital market. We have been heavily involved in acquisition work for larger biotechnology companies, partnering work and assignments to "explore strategic alternatives".

Torreya Partners is a leader in biotechnology advisory services. We work on all therapeutic areas but recent assignments have often involved areas where we have substantial expertise — particularly cardiology, gastroenterology, inflammation, oncology, psychology, and vaccines. Our strength is our knowledge of science, the currency and level of our knowledge of strategic counterparties and the discipline of our transaction processes.

We bring a scientifically committed team that has been involved in the biotechnology industry since the early days. Our biotechnology advisory team is led by Mark Simon and is supported by a strong team of advisors in both North America and in Europe.